Shipping & Delivery

Asian Arowana is highly valued fishes, any injury would affect its overall value, and many factors must be taken into consideration.

After hundreds of exports and over the years, we have created a simple yet highly effective system to pack our Arowana, to ensure that they arrive safely and in good health.

Our Packing Procedures are as follows

1. The Arowana will be quarantined and not fed for 3 days. This is to ensure that they do not pollute the water with any leftover food in them.

2. The packing water parameters will be adjusted by the manager to suit the Arowana and destination.

3. Using double poly-thene plastic bags to pack the Arowana, our trained operators will gauge the right amount of water to oxygen ratio to guarantee at least sufficient time accordingly to the arrival of destination of transport time.

4. The bags will then be placed inside Styrofoam boxes.

5. Depending on your destination, heat packs or cold packs will be used to stabilize and control the temperature.  This is to prevent from either increasing or decreasing the temperature.

6. The bags inside the Styrofoam boxes will be covered with newspaper.  This is to insulate and maintain the temperature in the box throughout the shipment.

7. The Styrofoam box will then be wrapped in a poly-thene plastic bag to protect the Styrofoam box from damage.

8. Lastly, the whole package will be placed in a standard carton box and sealed.

9. Each box will be labeled for easy identification.

Currently, we are using a standard size cartons box (60cm-length x 45cm-width x 30cm-height) .

We are able to pack 6 to 8 bags in a carton for individual pack Asian Arowana (Size – 15cm). There are other carton sizes available upon request (subjected to availability). For any special packing request, please contact us .